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About me.

Well, M-F (an a few other days of the week) I sell a data quality monitoring software. But I like to do other things, too.

​I created this space to share my never-stop-learning journey. A few of my favorites have been learning to play piano, my coding journey, and strengthening my design skills. Thanks for being here. 


A bit of background:

As a child, and especially in high school, I loved making movies. A few are immortalized on the Internet, but I had a fun go at it, and while studying a lot of my work involved getting behind a camera (I filmed and edited a YouTube series about enduro cross racing for a few years). After graduating from college I got into marketing and business analytics. I worked on a handful of fun projects and really loved it. Still, I was discouraged by a lack of clarity on what a career trajectory (and salary) looked like. A mentor of mine encouraged me to get into tech sales. I had mixed feelings about working in sales. I enrolled in a bootcamp. I loved it. The rest is history. What a turn, right?

What I'm working on:

1. Being the best tech salesperson you've ever seen! Stay tuned.

2. With a background that involved some graphic design, and an entrepreneurial spirit, I've been dabbling in some UX/UI projects. You can see them on the work channel. I've leveraged a lot of great resources, from a few designer friends I've picked on, Udemy courses, and whatever I could find on YouTube. Mostly breaking stuff on Figma. 

3. I learned HTML/CSS in high school in a loose digital media course. I've continued that journey on Code Academy. I sell to Python/R users, so it's helpful to know what I'm talking about. I'd also love to build my own app, full stack.

4. I'm writing a book, and it's a funny one - it's a memoir around some unique experiences I've lived that I'm hoping will resonate with my readers. If you're insightful, have been betrayed, and approach overcoming hardships through hardcore perspective checks, you may like it. 

Other stuff:

I revisited piano during the pandemic/lockdown of 2020. It's been one of my greatest joys.

I love working, and have been accused (maybe properly) of being a workaholic. My goal is to continue contributing to meaningful projects and balance the joys of living.

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