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👋 Welcome to nessfoto!

Hi! Welcome to nessfoto. My name is Vanessa Mehaouchi, but friends and family call me Ness. I created this site in 2012 (wow) when I was a junior in high school. Hard to believe that was ten years ago. At the time I used nessfoto as a place to host short films I was producing with some of my childhood friends. Then it became a portfolio for my graphic design and brand development side gig. And now, after considering changing the name, rebranding nessfoto, and deciding what this should space should own, I decided to take the pressure of and use it as my designated and intentional slice of the internet.


1️⃣ Introductions

2️⃣ What to expect

3️⃣ Current projects

4️⃣ How to stay in touch

1️⃣ Introductions

M-F (an a few other days of the week) I sell a data quality monitoring software. But I like to do other things, too.

After graduating from college (SFSU and Sarah Lawrence College) I got into marketing and business analytics. I worked on a handful of fun projects and really loved it. I still really love it. I'm always eager and excited to collaborate with marketing teams on the projects I design for. As far as a career goes, I was discouraged by a lack of clarity on what a career trajectory (and salary) looked like. Coming from a less than financially privileged household, I was highly motivated by career security. A mentor of mine encouraged me to get into tech sales. This felt super out of my wheelhouse and I had mixed feelings about 'working in tech', or worse, working in sales. I enrolled in a bootcamp. And I loved it. The rest is history.​ I've always embodied the never-stop-learning lifestyle. Without it, I wouldn't have be such a pain to my mentors, I wouldn't have enrolled in the bootcamp, and I wouldn't be constantly consuming and creating what I do. I created this space to share that journey. A few of my favorites have been learning to play piano, my coding journey, and strengthening my design skills.

2️⃣ What to expect

Expect an authentic attempt at keeping you up to date on the projects I'm working on and a space for me to hold myself publicly accountable.

3️⃣ Current projects

👩🏻‍💻 Taking a python 3 course on Code Academy, with an interest in a full stack development certification

👩🏻‍🎨 Talk to Dunia, a full stack creative project where I'm designing the website, marketing collateral and UX elements

💰 Promotion from SDR to AE, getting to a closing role in the next 8-12 months, through measurable milestones

📗 Writing a memoir from a funny experience I had in 2020

4️⃣ How to get in touch

The easiest way is via email -

My favorite way is on LinkedIn, I basically live there, also a great way to stay in touch

I love introductions with any agenda and in any capacity. Let me know you were here, and I'll thank you for it.

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