Let's give it all away.

I cannot count how many times I've been told to safeguard valuable information, especially when it pertains to business. This idea applied to everything from strategies and resources to contacts.

Where is your value if you lay out everything you know?

There's a limited amount of business and space in the realm of success.

By giving out information for free you do a disservice to the value of that knowledge.

I do not believe these sentiments. There is room! I encourage you to read up on the abundance theory.

"A scarcity mentality is when we focus, usually quite unconsciously, on what is wrong with our lives, what we don’t have, what is missing, how life is never enough, how I’m not enough, and how other people need to change. This mindset puts us in a place of continual fear, anxiety and insecurity which impels us to believe that happiness and well-being are out there, just around the corner if we could only get circumstances and/or other people (sometimes even ourselves) to be different." - Roger K. Allen, Ph.D

This mentality is a challenging obstacle to overcome because often its deeply engrained in our minds as a survival instinct.

"For entrepreneurs, an abundance mindset means there is endless room for growth in their business and their lives." - The Strategic Coach Team

The first step in the process of approaching a venture is making sure the principles of abundance are being exercised across the board. This even includes the language we use in our correspondance.

I.e. : costs should be considered investments, management becomes leadership, obstacles become challenges.

Catching yourself when your verbiage suggests scarcity or lack is a great exercise to apply to yourself as a professional, to your projects, and your business as a whole.

We don't fail, we pivot.

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Task Management

Nessfoto is obsessed with Task Management.

Why does your team need a task management system (or software) to run efficiently? The answer is fairly obvious: to organize your work, collaborate with your team, and get a visual understanding of goals and deadlines. This can be as simple as a collaborative spreadsheet, but applications like Airtable,, and even Trello can be such game-changers in allowing your team to visualize who is doing what, how, and by when.


This allows you to visualize and organize your goals so seamlessly. If you work  with us, we will strongly encourage an integration with a task management system. It's also how we'll report our workflow, tasks and deliverables.

Brand elevation through storytelling

We won't get into the cliché 'a brand is a story', because while it's played out, it may also be backwards.

The story behind a brand is made up of a few things: the people behind it, their personalities, values, even mannerisms or sense of humor.


Branding becomes easy when you know your story and understand the message you're trying to convey. The story comes first, and your partners and clients will need to identify with this story. Why? Because their doing business with you will be an extension of who they are, their values and their identity.

Give your clients the credit of being relatively sophisticated, and having an eye for fake.

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